On April 17, 2014 Possum Talks received Governor’s Award

On April 17, 2014 Possum Talks was presented the Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award for Most Innovative Program at a ceremony in Austin, Texas.  It’s a great honor for the program, especially after only one year of programs.

  • May 11, 2014.  Shari and I just learned of the passing of one of our beloved speakers at Possum Talks. Coach Foster Allen — football coach at Williams High School in Plano, wounded Iraqi War veteran, dynamic speaker and teacher, friend, loved and respected by so many in the Possum Talks program, and most importantly, bold believer and God’s servant and mouthpiece — passed away in his sleep in the late hours of Saturday morning, May 10,  from complications of diabetes. Foster was only 49 years old.  He is survived by his wife Angela and seven-year-old daughter Amayah.  Foster gave his all to sharing his life with the men of Huntsville’s Walls Unit. He truly loved them, cared for them, poured out his heart to them, and prayed for them. The men also supported him and prayed for him during his lengthy hospitalization. And as part of the Possum Talks team, we’ll miss him more than any of us can say.  But we trust that Foster is with our God and resting with him in that glorified body.  Thanks in advance for your prayers and your interest in what God is doing at the Walls.  God will provide.  God will protect.  God will heal the broken-hearted. (Psalm 34:18, Psalm 68:5, Psalm 147:3, Isaiah 52:7, James 1:27.)  Foster Allen’s picture appears on the Home page of this website.
  • The Huntsville, Texas Walls Unit site for Possum Talks IV on May 22 and 23, 2014 as well as reunion for all previous Possum Talks graduates.
  • June 2014. Possum Talks welcomes Wanda Washington and Chris and Stephanie Lofton as our newest team members. Wanda is the wife of Keith Washington, our artist and peer coordinator at The Walls Unit. And Chris and Stephanie bring an incredible perspective to our team from having spent many years behind bars. We’re so thankful to witness God’s faithfulness in providing the perfect folks to help dads learn how to become faithful fathers behind bars.


  • The Rosharon, Texas Terrell Unit site for Possum Talks on June 21, 2014.  We’re excited about meeting and working with the possum dads there.
  • What a weekend Possum Talks had at the Terrell Unit in Rosharon, Texas in June. We were welcomed so warmly by Chap Tom and his wife Wendy, whom the inmates lovingly call 1st Lady. From the moment we first met our group of “possums” on Friday evening until we dragged ourselves away late Saturday afternoon, we experienced such an outpouring of love and friendship that it was hard to leave. Many tears, laughs, stories and struggles were shared during the weekend. And the entire Possum Talks team returned to our homes feeling blessed beyond measure that we accepted the Lord’s invitation to be a part of His work inside prison walls. Some of us will be returning Labor Day weekend to assist Chris and Stephanie Lofton in a special Father’s Day celebration, when children and fathers will be reunited for a day. And then Possum Talks will return October 31 and November 1 for our second PT workshop. Stay tuned …
  • Possum Talks will return to The Walls Unit for Possum Talks V on September 12 and 13.