Inmate Feedback

Possum Talks participants say …

As a result of my years of drug abuse and neglect, I had not the slightest idea how to communicate with my kids without being self-centered. That is, until I attended the PT seminar. Here’s my story:

I had been writing my wife at her mother’s and addressing the letter c/o Cristan, my stepdaughter, who I’d only met 3 times over 2 years’ visitation. (I was married during my incarceration.)  Cristan said next to nothing during those visitations.

So when my wife said, “If you’re putting her name on the envelope you could a least write her a letter.” My first reaction was panic. What could I say to someone I hardly know? That’s when I pulled out my notes and started reviewing what I learned from Papa Bear, She Bear, Care Bear, Mrs. Louise, Coach and Dr. Paul from PT … I didn’t focus on me but rather asked questions about her – church youth camp, school, her well-being, etc. I just expressed genuine care and concern. Then sent the letter off pretty skeptical whether or not I’d get a response.

Well, not 2 weeks went by and I received a 3-page letter! She went on and on in detail about her time at church camp, the classes and functions she’s in at school, where she attends church and how much fun she has. She even said she’s stopped chasing boys so she can spend more time chasing God!

All this from some who would only say, “Hello,” What’s he looking at?” and “Bye.” I couldn’t believe it! What I learned at PT worked! I’m forever grateful to everyone of PT for bringing this seminar to The Walls.  Wesley

Possum Talks is an awesome class. I learned so much. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. I’m thankful for the advice, and I know my fellow “possums” are grateful for the opportunity. Jose

I truly enjoyed the program and truly learned from this Possum Talk experience and I just wish it could’ve lasted longer. Thank you sooo much! Bro. Brad

Possum talk was awesome! It has help[ed] me in so many ways. Let God continue to work thru this program.

I‘m grateful for the Possum Talk. It should have been called Awesome Talk! I’m blessing God put Possum Talk in my path.

I was blessed from this program! Continue to have this program because it is effective.

It’s an awesome program because it gives you the skills to become a better father.

Possum Talk is a program for all people so include Muslims, Jews and other religions. Jalil

I just want to say GOD BLESS the instructors that took the time out to care about our relationships with our children.

If I can [sic] make a promise to myself and keep it, how can I make a promise to my family and mean it? Possum Talk has opened up eyes that have never seen before. They have given us new ideals of success and comforted us. They have let us realize that it’s not too late. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements of the future to be a better Father and most of all a God-fearing man.

Since Possum Talk last visit I’ve come to talk to my children in a different way than before. I no longer demand what they should do with there lives but to stand by them and behind them on their achievements. As a father I can never catch up for all the years I’ve been gone.  And neither can you.  But we can catch in. That’s right. Forget the past, press on. That’s right. We have to show our children what it can be, not what it used to be.

Possum Talk has given me a cheerful smile for those that I meet to be a better father for those looking up from my feet. How to accept criticism from those we have hurt because they too suffered our fate. I’ve always been quick to point the finger at others when all and all I’ve been the problem all along.

Possum Talk has given me hope! I’m too big for worry because that don’t help your health at all. Besides, who are we to change anything from behind “enemy lines”?  And to some we are the enemy. But Possum Talk has given us a system that works. Let’s work it! This day forward we are to be Fathers that are proud to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words but great deeds to our children. Richard

I was raised up by a pretty rough bunch of outlaws. Lots of violence, drugs, alcohol, criminal activity. Textbook rebel lifestyle. Fast forward 15 years through serious drug abuse, alcoholism, 43 arrests, 14 assaults, 4 TDC numbers and I’m back in prison looking for a chance. I have two sons, 4 and 5, that I’ve been struggling to have a relationship with. The skills and ideas from Possum Talks has really helped me be a better dad as well as husband, brother & son! I now have full family love and support because they see the new me. I am able to listen and interact better than ever before. My spiritual walk has become strong & I’ve never been so eager to volunteer for self-help. Thank you, Possum Talks! Larry

My Possum Talk experience was awesome & I am soooo thankful to have been selected to attend the PT seminar. See, before PT, I truly thought that my parenting skills were up to par. But I was falling way short & I’m thankful to have had my eyes open through the PT seminar. I was also enlightened on my role as Father & I was not at all loving in my fatherly role because I was not teaching my children the proper morals … and most importantly, how to read and trust the word of God. I didn’t know how to be a father because I didn’t know how to be an obedient son.

I was going through hard times with my children these past 2 years. I had been reaching out to my children but I wasn’t getting any responses. In the midst of growing closer to God, I saw the announcement for a Possum Talk parenting class. I was instantly motivated to grab a I60 and turn it in. At the time of PT it had been almost 18 months since I had heard from my children. So I went to PT.

I was knocked off my feet with what I learned and experienced! I am soooo thankful for the Possum Talk program! After the seminar I did what I shouldn’t have stopped doing – continue to reach out to my children even though I wasn’t getting any response from my letters. I sent some of the jokes, cards and coloring book pages and heart-filled letters, even to my two babies who can’t respond verbally right now but they can color on the color pages. I asked their mother to read the letters to them, and I send the thank you letter to my wife and my mother. I give all praise, glory and honor to God. I have received almost 200 pictures of wife, kids, family; 5 cards; 7 letters and I will be getting a visit with my children in November!  I thank God soooo much for guiding me to Possum Talks and for giving me the strength to step out in faith and apply the tools from Possum Talk that I learned. Please keep PT going. B. Moore

Possum Talks family: I am writing to express my gratitude for all that I have learned from my participation in the Possum Talks class. I am a new parent and know nothing, well, knew nothing about being a dad. Thanks to you, I have an idea where to start. I have been writing my daughter every week. My wife says she asks every day, did my Daddy write? She will read her the letters as she is too young to read. The time my letter is being read unites us all even for that brief moment. She colors the pictures I send and tells my wife she loves me and misses me and can’t wait to see me.

The things I learned from Possum Talks are priceless. I am forever grateful. Thank you all from a grateful father, mother and in due time, daughter, as my family are the ones who will benefit. Jose

I entered Possum Talk with an open mind because I had heard good things about it. Those good things that were said did not compare to the actual experience. It was an experience to remember. It brought to light how powerful a presence that a father is. Most of us do not realize how a father shapes a child’s future. Possum Talk brought to light that prison does not relieve you of your fatherly duties or diminish your influence in your children’s lives. I could never put a price on Possum Talks. If someone asks me what I thought of PossumTalk, my response will be, “I pray to God that everyone takes the class because our eyes and hearts need to be opened so we can see our children.” Freddie

Thank you and God bless you for everything! The small-group sessions could be longer & maybe a two-day session would be beneficial. Thank you, thank you & thank you!

I greatly enjoyed the presentation. It all spoke to my heart and has given me tools to work with once I am released and even while I’m still incarcerated.  T. Nash

We thank God for the knowledge he has provided us with through you. God bless & we love y’all.

I really did like and enjoy the program and will come back again. Thank y’all.  R. Cooper

Overall it was great. It is awesome I enjoy it!! Hope to be a part of it again. Don’t stop doing what you are doing. May God bless you all keep you safe. J. Warner Proverbs 27:17

Thank you for your time and God bless you guys! And for the wonderful experiences and all that you guys do for us. Keep helping us with all God has given you guys.

I really enjoyed this time and I know that the info will help me upon release. I just want to thank you and I can’t wait for the follow up. God bless y’all. Your brother in Christ, L. Barrientes, Jr.

Thank you all for taking the time to let me know how much I mean to you and that my children are good people. Even though they don’t write all the time. Thank You! S. Lively

It was a privilege to be a part of this session. Everything was right on point, and I got a lot out of It. Please, keep up the good work and continue let God use you. God bless you

Thank y’all for coming. Hope to see y’all back for another seminar. This program is very helpful in all ways.

Thank you for everything & God bless you all.

Keep it up is a good program. I hope it help me with my daughter.

This is a very informative program & is a positive attempt at creating bonds with family. God bless you all.

I thank you for helping me on my journey to a better fatherhood. God bless you all

Thank y’all very very much! I’ve learned so much today, plus I’ve opened up a sense of security and to be honest with my son. Him and I have been distant by the consequences of things of my live.

Yes, I really enjoy this Possum Talk because it help me at this time of my life. I am in the process of mending my relationship with my daughter. Mark

It was very informative and help me clear a lot of my emotion and doubts. Also it help me to take new and better direction in my life that will affect my family and friends in a positive matter. Please continue with this program that it is need to a lot of us to open our eyes.

Thank you for the program, the love, the research and the serving of God’s will. This class has been helpful, great insight and very knowledgeable! I can’t thank you or group enough for this class. The class was great and truly a blessing! Thank you! Derrick

I injoyed it and want to say that everyone was great and I think everyone. I would love to keep parciating in this in the future. Keep doing it it will help a lot of people I truly believe it is God’s work.

Thank you so much for developing and presenting such a special, informative and helpful class. God bless you.

I loved this seminar! Thanks to you all for devoting time to our growth, our children’s upbring and shaping of their lives. I love you all, in Jesus’ name I’ll be praying for each of you!

This program has made me reevaluate my fatherly skils. Now I know what I need to work on and what I’m already doing right. I want to thank everyone for an enjoyable learning experience. Love and may God bless.

I enjoyed this program and the time spent w/ folks who care enough, I am obtaining the tools to be a better father, person & role model.

I am truly grateful for Possum Talks. Hallelujah!

Thank you for your time and efforts in putting on this program. Your love for us & our relationship with our kids is very powerful and humbling. We love you.

Thank you so much for bring this event, it was great. All your topics that’ll help me to have a good relationship with my kids. Jaime

This is a beautiful program and it is truly set forth by God. Thank you for your time, caring, compassion and efforts. All of you are angels of God. Anita’s song brought tears to my eyes.

(These are just a few of the inmate responses to the Possum Talks program.  They demonstrate not only the need but the constructive impact the workshop has on the participants who never dreamed a relationship with their children was even a possibility.)

“Encouraging and equipping incarcerated dads to become faithful fathers”



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